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        Who we are

        About us

        General Control Group Co. known as GCG is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. Founded in the year 2000, GCG is leading name in the local market and has never looked back in terms of customer growth, uncompromising quality, technical excellence, consultant's acceptance, ministry approvals and customer's satisfaction.

        Through our organization, we are able to provide all technical, field services and supports to our customers over the global.

        M/S General Control Group is fully aware and appreciates that today more than ever market requires an extremely high standard of quality and thus fully meets these standards. The company is committed to the principle of total quality control and has implemented the quality management system; The utmost efforts are put in producing all its products with great care and quality control. Such quality products have created a strong base and had firmly established in the plant to make it one of the main suppliers to the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Public works, National Housing Authority. The Public Authority for Agriculture and Fishing.

        Our ability to provide the right products with high quality to meet every customer needs. Siemens offering with favorable prices and high quality of electrical distribution equipment with all up date related protection and control systems to all electrical consultants, contracting and customers. This makes our customers happy from our products and service, which built up our famous name over the world. We became one of the main suppliers of main low tension panels, feeders for street lighting, Distribution boards, steel fabrication works and cut outs to the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), Ministry of Defense (MOD) and other major private contractors.

        Siemens gives full confidence to M/S. General Control Group Factory to represent them for solving our products in Kuwait local market. This gives us Siemens after confirmed the capability of M/S. General Control Group able to fulfill Siemens Products quality in successful.

        The company is fully equipped with necessary infrastructure to execute any kind of project and supply sites with necessities. There is a large stock of equipment, tolls and other hard ware available at the company’s store for smooth execution of work.

        Our staff

        We are proud of the level of productivity and extremely low failure rate achieved within our manufacturing facility.

        Our “in house” staff incentive scheme is not only designed to improve efficiency but to increase our levels of quality, as new methods and techniques of manufacturing are introduced.

        Every member of staff is encouraged to be more efficient and to improve the quality of their own specific area of responsibility.

        GCG has invested considerable time and financial resources in selecting the very best plant and machinery available today.

        Backed up by a comprehensive training and re-training program, this applies to all of our staff irrespective of their specific job designation.

        Our Compant Integrity & Trust

        At GCG, we have nurtured our reputation for integrity, being a relatively new company GCG has founded our reputation on this fundamental ideal.

        Many of our clients draw instant reassurance from the certain knowledge that this is not compromised.

        As a result, our employees, managers, suppliers and our clients benefit from the bridges of trust that GCG’s products and services build.

        Vitally, in today’s modern global business environment, for buyers and sellers to work together, there must be trust.

        From it’s early beginnings GCG has grown consistently and now ranks as one of the leading producers of Low Voltage Switchgear in the State of Kuwait.

        We pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of low voltage switchgear products, manufactured in our modern “state of the art” factory in Subhan, Kuwait.

        By investing heavily in the latest plant & machinery, selecting only the highest qualified personnel, GCG believes it has an unrivalled reputation within the industry for the quality of the products and services it supplies to its customers.

        GCG’s comprehensive quality assurance program which conforms to the quality system standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 focuses on reducing internal costs, rework and waste. Clients benefit from the resultant quality environment through better design and more reliable work.

        Our Certificates

        • LV Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly MLTB-SIVACON 9PT

          LV Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly MLTB-SIVACON 8PT

          MLTP BC



        • LV Switchgear and Controlgear Assembly VL-400M-10W

          MLTP BC


          MCC, 1600amps